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We provide used car owners with an affordable way to plan for unexpected automotive repairs.

The key to our success is simple. It's all about Low cost. High quality. Reliability. And the kind of service that keeps our customers coming back.

Protection for your car.  Peace of mind for you.

As a smart consumer, you like to get the most value for your dollar. That's why you need protection for your new used vehicle at a rate that will save you money. Even with a new used vehicle, mechanical troubles can arise without warning. You could even end up with thousands of dollars in costly repairs. Unlike other vehicle protection plans, an extended warranty from Warranty Administrative Services gives you peace of mind without breaking your budget.

We've been in business for over 28 years!

Coverage Plans

Warranty Corporation provides various warranty products to accommodate all customer needs. We offer PowerTrain and Expanded coverage. We also offer Driver Protection Plan Services.

All warranties include the following benefits:

   Use the mechanic/garage of your choice. Just call us before you go for repairs (subject to competitive bid)

   No claim forms required

   24-Hour, toll-free claims assistance

   We can pay the garage directly with our Corporate credit card, check or reimburse you if you paid the garage.

Coverage applies to failures that first occur after the contract is effective. All warranties have maintenance requirements. This is only a brief description of the plan features and benefits. As always, please refer to your warranty contract for exact details.


Sample Contract

Covers mechanical failures caused by the following listed components:


  • Engine: Every moving part inside the engine, except rubber belts, is covered. Period. This includes the following: pistons and rings; rods and bearings; camshaft and bearings; valves; push-rods and lifters; engine head(s), block and cylinders, if damaged as a result of failure of covered components; oil pan; flywheel; valve covers; engine mounts; intake and exhaust manifolds; oil pump; distributor shaft; distributor gear; distributor bushing; timing gear chains.

  • Transmission: Every moving part inside the transmission case is covered. Period. This includes the following: clutches, bands, pumps; internal shafts; thrust washers and bearings; governor; torque converter; accumulator assemblies; servo; transmission mounts; shift linkage; all gears; synchrohub assemblies; input shaft; and case if damaged as a result of failure of covered components. (Does not cover manual clutch assembly.)


Sample Contract

Includes all PowerTrain covered components PLUS Electrical, Suspension, Instrumentation, Brake and Body Components.


Covers mechanical failures caused by the following listed components:

  • Engine: All internally lubricated parts and non-lubricated parts as shown in PowerTrain covered components.
  • Transmission: All internally lubricated parts as shown in PowerTrain covered components.
  • Electrical: Starter, alternator, generator, voltage regulators, trunk lid motor, wind shield washer pump, wiper motors, starter solenoid, ignition control unit, power seat motor.
  • Suspension: Upper and lower control arms, wheel bearings and wheel bushings, upper ball joints, lower ball joints.
  • Instrumentation: Mechanical: Speedometer,tachometer, temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, ampere gauge.
  • Brake Components: Brake cable, compensating valve, brake line tubing and fittings.
  • Body Components: Door and trunk locks, door hinges, latches and locks.


Sample Contract



Protection against expensive and unfair auto repair bills.

When your car breaks we.....

  • Help you locate a capable ASE Certified shop.
  • Verify that the recommended repairs are necessary.
  • Confirm the billed labor hours are consistent with industry standards.
  • Provide replacement parts at a deeply discounted price .


Here are some sample prices, which apply to most, but not all vehicles.
To get a custom quote, and to apply, click the “Get Instant Quote Now” button below.


1 MONTH: $19.07*

3 MONTHS: $54.34*

6 MONTHS: $102.97*

12 MONTHS: $194.50*


1 MONTH: $24.50*

3 MONTHS: $69.82*

6 MONTHS: $132.30*

12 MONTHS: $249.75*


1 MONTH: $6.00

3 MONTHS: $18.00

6 MONTHS: $33.00

12 MONTHS: $60.00

*Rates apply to most vehicles, subject to underwriting guidelines. You may apply by phone, toll-free, at (800) 225-4711.

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About Us

Warranty Corporation is one of the largest suppliers of extended and expanded vehicle warranty products in the country. We offer low-priced, quality-guaranteed, direct-to-consumer warranty coverage--without the markup of dealer commissions.

How can we offer such good coverage at such a low price?

It's simple. A car dealer can get as much as 60% commission or $1200 on a $2000 warranty, which means only $800 of the total cost is actually for the purchase of the warranty. At Warranty Administrative Services we avoid those markups and pass the savings onto you - the customer.

We attribute our success to our excellence in Customer Service and we continue to provide the highest level of service in the warranty arena.  

Corporate Culture

We believe that innovation, motivating employees, cutting edge technology and striving to keep that personal customer touch, is the engine that will keep us vital and growing. Our culture embraces creativity, seeks different perspectives and risks pursuing new opportunities. We create and rapidly convert technology into products and services, constantly searching for new ways to make technology more useful to our customers.  

Financial Strength

We are focused on creating opportunities to develop profitable partnerships, distribution channels and international expansion.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my vehicle qualifies for an extended warranty? Answer:

Most model vehicles from the current year through ten years ago are eligible for coverage provided the mileage is less than 150,000 miles.

The following vehicles are not eligible for this warranty contract:*
Vehicles used for taxi, limousine or delivery service; vehicles used for hire, emergency service, ambulance, towing and police service; vehicles used for postal, newspaper, or delivery service; trucks with a rated hauling capacity exceeding 3/4 ton and a 3,500 lb. towing capacity or not within the manufacturer’s specifications; commercially-used vehicles; vehicles used for severe off-road use; motorcycles, dune buggies, or other recreational vehicles; vehicles that have been modified, where such modifications are not within the manufacturer's specifications.
Vehicles owned or carried as inventory or on consignment, including demos by auto dealers, or brokers, or members of their immediate family; vehicles owned by mechanics, or garage owners, or body mechanics, or members of their immediate family. Vehicles equipped with bumper hitches or trailer balls, where the vehicle is not equipped with a manufacturer’s towing package.
Vehicles where the odometer has exceeded 150,000 miles prior to application for this contract, or where the odometer has exceeded its mechanical limits or is otherwise inaccurate.
*Restrictions vary by State. These represent typical restrictions, which are applicable in most states.

How can I pay for my warranty?


Payment can be made through the mail via check, money order or credit card or debit card. Payment can be made over the phone via credit card or debit card. If you like to save time and money, you may also sign up for Automatic Renewal using your credit- or debit- card. This will ensure that your coverage doesn’t lapse.

What are the hours of operation?


Warranty claim service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call the toll-free number 1-800-225-4711.

Does my warranty come with a guarantee?


Vehicle warranties are guaranteed with a 60-day full refund policy. A prorated refund will be issued, less any applicable administrative fee, if requested after 60 days. Requests must be submitted in writing to: 4400 Government Blvd., Mobile, AL 36693.

Do I have to submit a claim form?


No, claim forms are not required. If you should need to file a claim or determine if your claim is covered under your warranty agreement, please refer to the contract terms and conditions or call our Claims Department toll-free 1-800-242-5564.

If I file a claim, how is payment made?


Same day payment can be made to the mechanic/garage of your choice. Please call us before you bring your vehicle in for repair (subject to competitive bid).We will either pay the repair facility directly or issue payment to you.

How long before my warranty is in effect?


Please allow 21 days for your contract to be in effect.

How do I renew my warranty contract?


There are several ways to renew your warranty. You can have your credit card automatically charged (we will send a statement to you 21 days prior to renewal for your planning and records) or have a renewal notice mailed to you about one month prior to your renewal date. You may mail in the renewal notice with your payment or call customer service and renew with a credit card. You can change your payment option at any time.


Application Policy

While our pricing applies to most vehicles, some eligible vehicles may fall into a higher risk category.  In those cases, you may be given the opportunity to obtain coverage at the appropriate rate as determined by our underwriting guidelines.

All applications must be underwritten before a policy can be issued.  In most cases, this is a seamless process.  In some cases, however, the vehicle may not meet the underwriting guidelines that allow us to offer coverage at a reasonable rate. In those instances, you will not be charged or you will receive a full refund.

We rely on the information you provide in your application.  If any of the information is wrong, or if it changes, your coverage level or eligibility may be affected. Please be sure all the information you provide is accurate. If it changes, please be sure to notify us as early as possible.

Any applicable application fee is non-refundable.  

Pre-Inspection Policy

All our programs have a pre-inspection requirement.

On some occasions, we may simply require an oil change as an inspection.  In those cases, we require an unaltered copy of the original receipt for service with its associated check-list included.

On some occasions, we may require your vehicle be inspected by an independent, professional inspector.

We reserve the right to specify who performs the inspection. All inspection fees are non-refundable.

On rare occasion, we may waive the inspection requirement, at our discretion.

No contract will be issued without the inspection requirement first being met by you or waived by us.

If we send an inspector and you fail to make the vehicle available for inspection, subsequent inspections must be pre-paid to us, by you.

Any deficiencies noted during the inspection will not be covered by your policy until acceptable proof of repair is provided, as determined by us.

Issue and Refund Policy

Contracts are issued based on the information you provided in your application.

Contracts issued based on incorrect or missing information may be voided by us at our discretion. This holds true regardless of the source of the error.

It is your obligation to notify us of any incorrect or missing information in your application or contract as soon as possible. Failure to do so will likely affect your coverage.

Any “money back guarantee” or “free look” period applies only to the initial contract period.

All refunds are issued less claims paid.  Claims paid includes costs incurred by us to pay costs including, but not limited to; parts, labor, towing, car rental, inspection and administration of any claim that you filed or attempted to file with us, either directly or through a third party.

Privacy Policy

Warranty Administrative Services is an automotive warranty corporation. Consistent protecting the privacy of personal information. In order to understand the manner in which we protect information provided to us via the Website, please read the following Privacy Statement for the Website.

Visitors may access Warranty Administrative Services web site and browse to review the services Warranty Administrative Services offers without providing personal information.

Warranty Administrative Services collects personally identifiable information, such as our clients provide this information at the time of registration for our services. A client's personally identifiable information, including debit/credit card number are collected when the clients provide this information at the time they purchase services provided by Warranty Administrative Services. This information is shared internally at Warranty Administrative Services to the extent necessary to complete client order fulfilment while ensuring data security.

In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, Warranty Administrative Services does not knowingly solicit information from children on its Web site or knowingly market its services to children. 

Additional Information Collected Automatically
As mentioned above, for general browsing and looking at our Web site's offerings, no personal information is captured. Warranty Administrative Services does obtain certain information each time a visitor logs onto the Web site. Examples of this type of information include the type of Internet Browser being used, the type of computer operating system being used and the domain name of the Web site from which the visitor linked to our site. We may utilize collected data for marketing purposes.

Warranty Administrative Services may use the e-mail addresses provided to send e-mails concerning updates or announcements about our services.

Contact Information / Review of Client Information
Warranty Administrative Services reserves the right to contact our clients regarding account status and changes to the client agreement, privacy policy, or any other policies or agreements relevant to our clients. If you would like to review and/or update the client information that you provided at the time of purchase of our services, or if there are any questions or concerns about the privacy policy, please send us an e-mail at info@warrantyadministrativeservices.com or call (800) 242-5564.


In order to receive your free month of coverage as a referred customer, you must sign up for and keep coverage for at least one complete term. At the conclusion of that term, your coverage will be extended by one additional month at no additional charge.

In order to receive your free month of coverage as the referring customer, both you and the customer you referred must keep coverage until the end of the referred customer’s first term. At the end of the then-current term, you will receive one additional month of coverage at no additional charge.


Contact us and we'll get back to you within business hours.

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